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Hello Sam,

this is your review:

Title: dont go there if you want safety

i went after a long hard day to the saloon. i picked bianca and went to shower with her. after 2 minutes the door of the shower knocked and they said i had to go out. im with soap on me. i coulnt even wash it. i went out with only towel and receptionist said she smelled some drugs on the room and i should leave. i dont know what kind of K9 training she has but she said i must leave. i never used drugs, im accused with that stupidty and they gave money back. and i left. of course after the discussion she understood it was her mistake and other i dont care what other excuses. i already went there 2 days ago also so they should know better. if you dont want to kicked out butt naked for a thing that you didnt do,dont go there. IT IS NOT SAFE!!!! i could give 0 star if i had the option. so foreign people should stay away from this place
And this is our answer:
First of all, before you start to throw rocks and bad words all over the internet about us, lets tell step by step how it was:
Sam, you came in our place, you picked Bianca and you both entered the room. After Bianca prepared your bed with towels, she asked you to undress. You replied with something like ” Bianca, I want you to go away for 5 minutes and return after! Just go out of the room and come back when I ask you to come back in about 5 minutes!”. This is very unusual and its lack of respect as the girl is your hostess and not a pet to wait at the door until you call her. However, Bianca was polite and went out and she is been waiting for you at reception. Then you got your head out of the room and called her to get in. And she did. 1 minute after, you both exit the room and went to the jacuzzi bathrom. Bianca left you there and came to the reception with red eyes and a bit scared, warning reception that when she got back into the room felt like she couldnt breath of the spicy smell inside and her eyes were already red and wet. In this time you were taking shower and Bianca returned to your bathroom. In this time the reception girl went into the room and she had same experience. She opened the window quick and went out of the room closing door. Her eyes were irritated, her neck was feeling dry and irritated. Her nose was aching. She described the smell in the room similar with FORMALIN. After she went out she felt dizzy and disoriented. She called the manager and told about it and she was advised to return your money and ask you to leave the place right away. So she did knocked at the door and asked you to return to the room and she didnt took you out of shower with soap on. It was your choice to do so. In the room (with open door and window) both girls were polite and explained why we decided to cancel your session, and you had no explanation for the powerful smell and its effects on both girls. You got mad, and you left after reception has returned the money to you.
We stil do not know what was the substance that you used, but the effect over the girls passed after few hours, plenty of wet tears dropped into their eyes and nose spray. So this could not be a regular perfume at all, and you werent wearing it when you got into location so it was something that you used. Maybe it was a hormonal spray, maybe a cream to get you hard, maybe…you should knw better. However we do not tolerate such substances and we advise you not to use them again in any massage parlor you will go to. The reception girls are trained not to argue with customers so yes she said maybe it was her mistake to keep the polite tone.
Now we can let all ppl to make up their own decision if its something bad we returned your money and ask you to leave or not, if its safe or not to visit our place. Have a good massage wherever you go!
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